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SoMar Dance Works

Solveig & Mark Santillano, Directors


"I don't think anything could have prepared me for the freshness, bursting imagination and sheer joy that was the April 12 recital by SoMar Dance Works... The Santillanos presented a dizzying array of movement that touched all the big topics: Sex, love and science. The range was extraordinary, and the execution often dazzling." -John Chacona, Erie Times/News (review of SoMar Dance Works in Concert)

"Mark Santillano took the round-house approach in "Mark it with a "B."" A good comedy is hard to find, but Santillano's background in the wacky world of Pilobolus produced a side-splitting cartoon of a dance. There were those body-altering trademarks: a pyramid, squiggling sperm, a tasteful pregnancy and munchkin children. But this cosmic life cycle-shere "B" stands for baby-was a total delight with its broad brushstrokes of playful movement."

- Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"This reviewer has to admit her eyes were fixed happily on ...Mark Santillano, a dynamo of power and speed."

- Betsy Light, Indianapolis Star (review of Dance Kaleidoscope)

"Mark Santillano...practically stopped the show in "I Can Do That"...

- Joe Pollack, St. Louis Post Dispatch (review of A Chorus Line)

"Santillano flips, flops, and practically knocks himself out for every performance in his rendition of "I Can Do That."

- Mary Evertz, St. Petersberg Times (review of A Chorus Line)

"The solo from the "Empty Suitor," choreographed by Tracy was performed last night by Mark Santillano, who made it what it's supposed to be - a tour de force of physical comedy...Nothing subtle about the humor here, but he pulled it off thanks to a sweet, even shy, persona."

- Christine Termin, Boston Globe (review of Pilobolus Dance Theatre)

"Mr. Santillano was charming as the hapless, stumbling everyman in a solo from "The Empty Suitor,"...Mr. Santillano also made an immensely touching character as the lost aviator in "Aeros,"...

- Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times (review of Pilobolus Dance Theatre)

"Other times they [Solveig Olsen (Santillano) and MOMIX] are almost God-like in their beauty, ravishingly sensual and powerful. Who could forget the image of a woman merging into the red ribbon she whips, flamelike, around herself? She throws the ribbon more and more energetically, moving into it's center, until she and the ribbon become a single, flickering fire."

- Margaret putnam, Dallas Morning News (review of MOMIX)

"But for all Pendleton's startling originality, it is his company [MOMIX and Solveig Olsen (Santillano)] that carries the show. Their is a taut physicality that takes dance to acrobatic heights, and yet still retains a poignant fluidity. In layman's terms, it's called poetry in motion."

- Charles Passy, Palm Beach Post (review of MOMIX)